Invisible Mailer

Invisible Mailer

So mom is on a mission to bring awareness to being eco-friendly and reduce waste as part of her business model so she sourced some compostable bags from Amazon but then a friend introduced her to an amazing product called the "Invisible Mailer" from Invisible Co. - not only are the bags biodegradable and water-soluble, the company is based right here in our beloved city: Hong Kong! How perfect is that to find such a great product right at home. Mom is super excited to have the chance to support a local business. Check out their products at their website:


Continuous Bias Tape

So mom decided to find out how to cut one continuous strip of fabric (without corners) out of one piece of square fat quarter fabric. She says it’s a very useful technique to make continuous bias tape to embellish her work. It was fascinating watching her cutting, sewing, folding, marking & ironing the fabric. What was a square of fabric became a very tidy 4-5 yard roll of fat ribbon. I guess I’ll be seeing more of mom making these bias tapes soon.

Welcome to our shop

It's been a long and tedious journey but we have finally opened store. Some interesting stories along the way and several journeys now in search of fabrics and notions with a toddler in tow, online sourcing, research and not to mention trying to sort out a space for the growing amount of supplies. It has not been easy and time is the last frontier for mom. Basically there is hardly any but she has found the time to open a website, IG, Facebook pages along with a shop attached...